16 August 2010

Perseid Meteor Shower

The annual Perseid meteor shower peaked at the end of last week and I decided to try and get a picture. As is usual when there is anything worth looking at in the night sky it started off cloudy but there was a window between about 10pm and midnight. I set up my tripod with a wide angle lens focused to infinity and chose a 20 second exposure. If you go for much more than 30 seconds the stars actually blur as they move sufficiently in the sky in that time. I then set my camera to take a number of exposures.

Out of 50 or 60 shots this was the only one of a meteor but I quite like it.

This may look like a really good meteor but don't be fooled. It is in fact a plane moving across the night sky. Click for a larger view and you can clearly see the red and white lights which ave been flashing on the tail and wings

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