4 August 2010

Garden Newt

Median Wasp ?
I had just found this interesting mainly black wasp when I heard a rustling below me and this little chap appeared. I would have liked to get a better picture of the wasp but I'm not complaining.
[edit: on the Wild about Britain forum I came across great tip for identifying Median Wasps. They have a "7" on their shoulders. You can just make this out on this photo]

Common Newt - Triturus vulgaris

Now this is one of the driest parts of the garden and we do not have a pond (but there is one next door) so I certainly wasn't expecting to see a Newt. However in late July adult newts shed their skins and the characteristic "crests",  return to land and and can be found in all sorts of habitats. So maybe I will see him or his friends again

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