4 August 2010


More stuff from around the garden

Scalloped Oak - Odontopera bidentata
Hiding out in the greenhouse amongst the cucumbers

Marmalade Hoverfly - Episyrphus balteatus

Hoverfly - Sphaerophoria scripta
This was a new one for me although I have since seen a few, both in the garden and out and about. A quite small but striking hoverfly

Hoverfly - Eupeodes sp
Damned hoverflies! I had this down as Eupeodes Luniger until 5 minutes ago and now I'm not so sure. It could be Eupeodes corrollae? Anyway a nice hoverfly and lots of them about at the moment.

Ichneumon wasp
I have a bunch of Nasturtians which have become infested with aphids and they seem  to attract all sorts of wasps and hoverflies. Most of them don't seem to be specifically targeting the aphids , but this one does.

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