7 November 2010

Autumn at Oversley Wood

A few pictures showing the colours and Fruits of Autumn

Sloe - Fruit of the Blackthorn

On the forest floor

Bramble - Got its timing wrong

Holly - LOTS of berries this year. Harsh winter ahead?


This unmistakable "phallic" funghi exudes a fowl smell from the slime which it produces on its cap. This attracts flies which then carry away the spores helping it spread.

 I saw a number of these and disappointingly (?) I couldn't smell anything. Not sure if that is because I am suffering from a cold or that they were coming to the end of their lives and the smell had diminished. I was pleased that the first one at least showed some evidence of the slime and was still attracting flies.

Stinkhorn - Phallus Impudicus

Stinkhorn - Phallus Impudicus

Stinkhorn - Phallus Impudicus