1 July 2010

Oversley Wood

I go to Oversley Wood quite a bit as it is very local , the wildlife is abundant and whilst popular with dog walkers, ramblers, horse riders and nature enthusiasts it is large enough to accommodate everyone and never feels "busy". It also manages to maintain its interest  as the flora and fauna are constantly changing

Leaf Beetles

Gastrophysa viridula
I have been seeing these "pregnant"  beetles for the last few months. They are quite abundant. but they are about to get even more abundant! I noticed a lot of severely chewed dock leaves and looking underneath one I found these little black larvae which I believe are the larvae of these Leaf Beetles.  

Longhorn Beetle

Strangalia maculata
Haven't seen these before this year but now I saw several spread around different parts of the wood. A quite large and colourful Longhorn which was not at all camera shy or worried by my presence.

Ichneumon Wasp

Bee Mimic
Hoverfly -  Cheilosia illustrata
At first glance I took this for a bumblebee but on closer inspection I realised it was a hoverfly doing a very good impression of a bee. 

Hoverfly - Syrphus ribesii
This is one of the constants as far as hoverfly species goes. I almost always see it. However as I am getting more into hoverflies I realise that there are a number of similar species which are only subtly different. Some are only distinguishable under very close inspection with microscope or high magnification lens or by slight colour variations of parts of their legs. I will therefore be content to continue to identify them as best I can and in the knowledge that as my experience grows I may have to revise my naming. In the meantime I know what I mean.

Mirid Bug - Grypocoris stysi
This is a very small bug, pictured on a foxglove to give some idea of scale. Again these seem to have appeared in the last few weeks and were found in different parts of the wood, often with 5 or 6 on a plant.

Yellow-tail moth caterpillar
I've not seen too many caterpillars, especially interesting ones, but maybe you need to look under a lot of leaves. This one wasn't hiding!

Ringlet - Aphantopus hyperantus
This is one of the commonest butterflies at the moment along with the speckled wood which seems to be the ever present. Also saw Meadow brown and Small Tortoiseshell

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