24 July 2010


Jurassic Coast
Spent a few days in Dorset, staying in Bournemouth, and visited the stunning Jurassic Coastline in glorious summer sunshine.

Studland, Isle of Purbeck
At the far east of the Isle of Purbeck lies Handfast Point and the chalk Sea-Stack known as Old Harry.
The Isle of Purbeck is not actually and island but it is picturesque peninsula at the edge of Poole Harbour containing Swanage, Corfe Castle and Studland.

Old Harry and Studland Bay

Lulworth Cove
Further along the coast you come to Lulworth Cove and a little further round the headland the iconic and  much photographed sea-arch Durdle Door. It is a steep walk to get there (and back) but well worth it.
Durdle Door

Cinnabar Moth Caterpillars
These seemed to be ever present when I was a kid (1970s!) and I have been keeping my eyes open for them whenever I see ragwort but these were the first (,and so far, only) this year. Found on the chalk cliffs near Old Harry.

Dark Bush Cricket
I'm sticking my neck out with the ID of this one. Well it's definitely a Bush Cricket and it's dark so I stand some chance of being right!

Rose Chafer - Cetonia aurata
An impressive large green beetle. I had seen a few of these on the walk to Durdle Door but they were on plants over a fence and I couldn't get close for a photo. Then when we got back to the car I found this one hitching a ride on my friends back.. The white "scratches" on it's back are not damage but just characteristics of its markings.

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