18 May 2010

Worcester Woods Country Park

Worcester Woods Country Park is owned by Worcester County Council and is nestled between Worcester Royal Hospital and County Hall so it is quite busy on a sunny lunchtime with council and Hospital workers taking a break. a great setting to work in. It is split into two distinct areas, Meadow and Woodland.

Lots of small caterpillars on the leaves of trees and I wouldn't even try to identify which they are but this was a nice picture of how this caterpillar tries to make itself look like a bit of tree branch to hide itself from predators.

Hoverfly - Scaeva pyrastri

Longhorn Beetle - Anaglyptus mysticus

Soldier Beetle - Cantharis sp

Compare with Cantharis Pellucida which does not have the black heart shaped  mark.
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Oak Apple
A Gall on an Oak bud which is produced when the Gall wasp Biorhiza pallida lays its eggs and the tissues around the grub swell up

Nut Weevil -

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