9 May 2010

Grafton Wood

Went for a walk around Grafton Wood today. Grafton Wood is jointly owned and managed as a nature reserve by Worcestershire Wildlife Trust and The Butterfly Conservation society. As you would imagine it is a good place for butterflies and even supports the only West Midlands population of the rare Brown Hairstreak, although this is the wrong time of year to see it.
It was a beautiful sunny spring day and we walked for a couple of hours and did not see one other person. We had the wood to ourselves and it was a very peaceful oasis. The only sounds came from the drumming woodpeckers and other birds singing.


Speckled Wood - Pararge aegeria

Quite a few of these about together with Orange Tips, Whites, Peacocks

Green Veined White

Holly Blue

A rather battered specimen of a  Peacock.

I also managed to spot this handsome looking caterpillar which actually belongs to a moth.
Caterpillar of Drinker moth - Euthrix potatoria

Other Insects
Hoverfly ?

Drone Fly - ,?

Carder Bee - Bombus pascuorum ?

Crane Fly


"Dandelion Clock"
Except I don't think it was actually a dandelion.

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