2 May 2011

Trench Wood

Another Bank Holiday weekend with fantastic sunny weather. The only drawback was the wind which was quite strong and whilst it wasn't a cold wind it wasn't the best conditions for photographing insects. There was absolutely no shortage of different insects so this is just a small sample of what was about.

Scorpion Fly (Male)
These have started appearing again over the past couple of weeks

Leafhopper - Oncopsis subangulata?

These are tiny creatures so I rarely spot them but I had my friend Monica with me and nothing gets past her!

Speckled Wood - Parage aegeria
Showing its underwing markings

Mirid Bug - Rhabdomiris striatellus

There are quite a few species of these Plant Bugs but again they are quite small and often go unnoticed. (Thanks again Monica!).  This is a particularly well marked one.

Sloe Bugs + Dandelion Head

How many Sloe bugs does it take to destoy a Dandelion Head?...The answer seems to be 5 !

Having spotted this "phenomenon" of Sloe Bugs in Dandelion seed heads last week I have noticed it loads of times since. In fact I have to check all the Dandelions now! Not sure if it is feeding or mating or both. There definitely seems to be mating going on in any case....

Birch Shield Bug - Elasmostethus interstinctus

......and talking of Shieldbugs mating...

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