3 May 2011

Tiddesley Wood

Spent an enjoyable few hours at the Tiddesley Wood Open Day. A lovely sunny day but even windier than the past few days. Managed to take a few pictures whilst there.

Rhopalus subrufus

Looks like he has climbed up the grass to have a look around. Maybe he was lost.

Horned Treehopper - Centrotus Cornotus

Wow, this is one weird,exotic looking bug. Well done Monica for spotting it. Not seen one before so very pleased. The family it belongs to is mainly tropical and there are only 4 species in Europe (2500 species worldwide). The tropical species are often very spiky hence their other common name of Thorn Bugs.

Dance Fly - Empididae sp

Squash Bug - Coreus marginatus

AKA  Dock Leaf Bug as it is often found on Dock leafs or similar. Squash Bug comes from the fact that is a pest of Squashes (melon, courgette etc) in America.

Green Shieldbug - Palomena prasina

Doing a good job of blending in with the greenery. This bug overwinters as an adult and in winter it turns a reddish Brown colour, changing back to green in the Spring. Makes a lot of sense as it would be far too visible in this bright Green colour in the winter.

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