13 April 2011

Trench Wood

On the same day I went to Tiddesley Wood I also went to Trench Wood. This was a glorious sunny day , almost too sunny for photography, and very warm with not too much breeze. 

Bee Fly - Bombylius major

These Bee Flys seem to be everywhere at the moment which gave me the chance to try to get a shot showing the full extent of its proboscis. The biggest problem was trying to get one against a nice contrasting background. They seem to like sunbathing on the dirt tracks or dead leaves but not so much on greenery. However there were so many about that it didn't take too long. 

Hoverfly - Eristalis species
This is either Eristalis Tenax or more likely Pertinax. It is one of those "Drone Flies" which love to hover a few feet in front of you then darting away and darting back again seemingly checking you out and stalking you. This one is enjoying the Blackthorn blossom

Muntjac Deer fawn
Yes, unusually, something cute and furry.  I haven't got anything against cute or furry creatures it is just that they usually see me before I can take a picture, I have a growing collection of the back end of  deer/rabbit/fox etc !

I'd like to say I don't know who was more surprised me or the baby Muntjac but I am sure it was me! I had been feet away from where it was lying for a good 5 minutes taking pictures so I am certain it knew I was there and was demonstrating one of its survival tactics which is stealth. Don't give away your position.

The parents leave the young deer alone for long periods during the day whilst they go about their business and the only defence the baby deer has against predators is to remain hidden and only  take flight at the last possible moment which is what this one did next, off to find another quiet bit of undergrowth.

So, I was very happy to have had the encounter but  a bit sorry to have unwittingly disturbed it.

Pussy Willow Catkins

A great source of food for all sorts of insects....

Peacock Butterfly - Inachis io

A small Bee

Hoverfly - Rhingia Campestris

Demonstrating pollenation in action. The hoverfly is getting covered in pollen which it will carry to the next plants it visits. Also shows that it it isn't only Bees that do the pollenation all the other Flies and wasps and butterflies do their bit. It is just that the Honey Bee does it so well and on a much bigger scale because of the large colonies it lives in.


  1. Fantastic shots, I will be back to see more.
    Cheers Colin.
    PS I see you are not that far away.

  2. Thanks Colin , you are most welcome. Yes we are practically neighbours.