23 September 2010

Trench Wood

I visited Trench Wood reserve at the weekend and it was starting to feel Autumnal. The temperature had taken quite a drop and it was quite overcast with occasional bursts of sunshine. Butterflies and hoverflies were in very short supply but there were other things to see.

Roe Deer
I saw several Roe Deer and some Muntjac but this was the only one who decided to stop and check me out albeit from quite a distance.

Still a lot of Grasshoppers and Crickets about.

This one was lying in  wait on fern. He wasn't particularly huge but look at the evil looking spikes / hairs on its legs.

There are quite a lot of ladybirds about and often huddled together in groups as opposed to being active. Not sure why this is? It may just be that with the drop in temperature they are less active?


One thing that is in abundance and with huge variety is Funghi. I met an old chap who said that it is the best display of Funghi he has ever seen at Trench Wood and you literally could't walk more than a few paces whithout coming across some. I am pretty ignorant about the different types but here a couple of random pictures.

Cuckoopint / Lord and Ladies

Arum maculatum

This isn't a funghi but was found in the wooded area surrounded by Funghi. It goes by many names( including the more common ones above) and is a plant similar to the Peace Lily. In the Autumn it produces these bright berries which are extremely poisonous and one of the most common causes of accidental plant poisonings. The root, if prepared correctly, can be edible and before the introduction of Tea and Coffee was the basis of a popular beverage.

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