26 September 2010

Late September

Bright "crisp" days

Rose Hips - Brightening up the hedgerows

"What you lookin' at"

Southern Hawker - Aeshna cyanea

Southern Hawker - Aeshna cyanea

Southern Hawker - Aeshna cyanea

There are a lot fewer insects about now but I spotted this Dragonfly which was sunbathing and I managed to creep up on him until I was only 1/2 metre away and he was totally unbothered by my presence. Often wondered how people manage to get so close to these dragonflies when they usually fly about so fast you can't tell what species they are. I guess it is just a matter of catching them at a lazy moment.

He eventually flew away when a Crane fly came blundering across the ground as they do and bumped into him!

Shield Bugs

Forest Shieldbug - Pentatoma rufipes

Superficially similar to the Sloe Shieldbug (below) especially in the field but the easiest way to differentiate the Forest bug is by its square shoulders.

Sloe Shieldbug - Dolycoris baccarum

Which reminds me..soon time to collect sloes for Sloe Gin.

Corizus hyoscyami

I might start calling this the Thistle shieldbug because I always seem to find it in thistles. Although I have just read on the internet that the Dutch call it the Cinnamon Bug because it smells of cinnamon.
I'd better make sure there is no one watching if I try that ID trick, could look very odd!

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