30 April 2010

If you go down to the Woods....

I spent the morning at Oversley Woods near Alcester, Warwickshire which is awash with Bluebells at this time of year.

and  trees are in Blossom

Oversley Wood Information board (click for bigger image)


I walked around the perimeter of the wood where the sun was falling on the hedgerows and was able to find a number of butterflies

Orange Tip - Anthocharis cardamines

Green Veined White - Artogeia napi

and a very obliging Comma - Polygonia c-album

Other Bugs

I also managed to get some pictures of some other interesting bugs, most of which I haven't identified.

Bug on a Bullrush Stem

Pond Skaters



Cuckoo Bee - Nomada Flava

Finally I came across this chap which I have discovered is a Cuckoo Bee which rather like a real Cuckoo lays its eggs in other Bees nests. There are several species and I think this one is Nomada Flava

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